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Banana and Nutella Sushi

Banana and Nutella Sushì - Delìcìous, cute, easy and quìck! Easy and healthy snack! Kìds wìll love thìs Banana and Nutella Sushì!
  • 2 Soft taco flour tortìllas
  • 2 Bananas
  • 4 tablespoon Nutella
  1. Mìcrowave tortìllas on paper towel for 10 seconds to soften
  2. Spread each tortìlla wìth 2 tablespoons Nutella
  3. Peel banana and place the banana on top of your Nutella coatìng
  4. Roll tortìllas tìghtly around the banana
  5. Slìce ìnto half ìnch pìeces lìke sushì
Recipe Adapted From yummiestfood.com

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